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 FanArt Rules

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PostSubject: FanArt Rules   Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:52 pm

As much as we love to see art for many different fandoms, there are a couple rules you must adhere to before posting any.

1. No Porn
Please... no one needs to see it.

2. One thread per person
If you wish to display your FanArt, then please make one thread. One thread is enough for one person to post ALL their art

3. Cosplay Photos are allowed
You can post photos of your cosplays here as that is technially art.

4. Be nice!
You can critique but don't be a fuzzbag about it. Just saying 'This sucks' is NOT critique.

5. No Spamming
Talk about the actual art not what you are going to do for the weekend. We have threads for that.

6. Yaoi and Yuri are allowed
In Fact, I love yaoi... BUT NO SMEX

I don't think I need to explain anymore. We are all mature people and should know how to behave.
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FanArt Rules
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