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 Role-playing Game Rules

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PostSubject: Role-playing Game Rules   Role-playing Game Rules Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 9:49 pm

Before you start an RP, please read through these rules.

1. Post more then just a sentence
I'm pretty sure that no situation calls for you to type only one sentence. It's annoying and doesn't give people much to work with.

2. No God-modding
This means that you can't control other people's characters (unless the person controlling the character consents). This also means that you can't be some super person that never dies

3. Any Fandom goes[/b]
Any Fandom is allowed

[b]4. No Spamming

No Random conversations in between RP posts. That's what PMs are for.

5. Only Story RPing allowed
Explained in 'How to RP'

6. Specify if it is open to everyone (OTA) or you need an invite to post (NI)

7. Keep it PG-13
NO SMEX IN THE RP. You can have kisses and hugs but no make-outs or smex. We don't need that. You can swear if you like though ^-^

I think I covered all the bases...
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Role-playing Game Rules
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